ANDANDRE RED BELL PEPPER was born on 5 August 2014 at Andandre Kennels


From the very first beginning this puppy caught my eye.  For me he is exactly everything any person would want to see in a Toy Poodle.  Tipe, balance, sound and full of Poodle attitude is little Pepper – yelling “look at me” from every angle.  

Pepper`s head study is exquisite, good clean back scull, so expressive with his dark, almond shaped eyes, well chiselled foreface, strong under jaw and chin.  Pepper is balanced with a great long elegant neck, correct upper arm and shoulder, good ribcage and in excellent body condition and muscle tone.  


Perfect tail set with a well angulated rear, standing on tiny tight feet and toes and he is covered with a wonderfully textured bright red dense coat.  Pepper comes alive when he moves sound and effortless while maintaining a beautiful outline.


At the young age of 6 months, Pepper entered the show ring for the very first time not knowing what will happen.  Pepper amazed us all.  Without any hesitation Pepper went into the ring as if it belonged to him.  Earning Best Puppy, Best of Breed and 4th place in the Utility Group.  The judge loved Pepper.  What a great performance it was indeed!  Pepper made us truly proud!

We wish Pepper all of the best for his future in his new home as well as in showing.  He will also be used in a red breeding programme.

You will be greatly missed little guy.  You are like our own for the past 10 months and has a very special place in our hearts.  

Make us proud and show Italy what you`ve got!  Go Pepper Go!!!  Go for gold!!!





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