In May 2014, Andandre Kennels imported another absolutely breathtaking and striking little boy from USA.  REDCOAT HUNTER`S RED SUMMER AT KARON OF ANDANDRE aka Honey Bear has settled in beautifully in no-time.  Honey Bear has started his show career within a few days after his arrival and achieved 2 CC points at the June  Championship show 2014.  Honey Bear is a perfect square built little boy.  Refined to the “T” with ink black pigment, beautifully almond shaped eyes full of fire and a ravishing red coat.  Honey Bear will sure turn heads where ever he goes!  This outstanding little boy has sired a litter of the most outstanding quality in red Toy Poodles and from here new red bloodlines will be created.  Honey Bear is PRA clear 0/0.  Watch this space for Honey Bear in action!  This outstanding little red-head was awarded with his Championship title in July 2015.  We are so proud of our precious little boy!





Andandre Kennels would love to welcome “Honey Bear” to our family all the way from Louisiana USA.  Arrival in Cape Town Sunday 25 May 2014.09.10

Well, we have a lot to say about this darling little boy BUT let us start at the very first beginning and that is to thank Kathy Abshire (Karon Kennels USA) for the most exquisite and unique little boy – the very best anyone could ever ask for!

Honey Bear is a petite, refined boy with a thick, harsh, plush, deep red coat.  A beautiful front and rear with well-formed angulation, tail- and ear set.  His head and long elegant neck is a true expression of the breed standard.

Tiny, dark, almond shaped eyes full of fire and intelligence is one of Honey Bear`s outstanding features.  Beyond dark pigment is very noticeable and reflects beautifully against his ravishing coat colour.

Tiny, tight little feet and toes finishes off this little star to be!

Two weeks after Honey  Bear`s arrival we attended a show with NO expectations what so ever.  To our surprise, Honey Bear Showed like a professional and was awarded with 2 CC points at his first 2-dat Championship show in June 2014.  A very showy and flashy little boy with great ring attitude, strive and movement one will not find often.

This is just the beginning of Honey Bear`s show career in South Africa and we wish him all the best for the future shows that lies ahead starting from 18 October 2014 where he will be working towards his South African Championship title.

Honey Bear will be used in our red breeding to improve the breed and to produce reds that South Africa has not yet seen.

A very special thanks to all the breeders who had an impact on the breeding of this very special little boy.

Spanning over a 45 year period of time, the following USA Kennel has an amazing impact in the breeding of this unique specimen on the Toy Poodle – Honey Bear:

  1. Beaujolais Kennel
  2. Jodan Kennel
  3. Helga`s Kennel
  4. Riders Kennel
  5. Pampers Kennel
  6. Redcoats Kennel
  7. Karon Kennel

George Kennel Club

14 June 2014

1st place in OPEN class & CC

Judge Mr MC Heroldt (SA)

Outeniqua Kennel Club

15 June 2014

1st place in OPEN class & CC

Judge Mr CP Reaney (SA)

Breede Rivier Vallei Kennel Club

18 October 2014

1st place in OPEN class & CC

Judge Mr J Luscott (Eng)

Cape Town Kennel Club

19 October 2014

1st place in OPEN class, CC, RBOB

Judge Mr Erodotos Neofytou (Cyp)

Mother City Poodle Club

24 October 2014

1st place in OPEN class & RCC

Judge Mr S Oates (Ire)

Western Province Kennel Club

25 October 2014

1st place in OPEN class & RCC

Judge Ms L Harwood (Aus)

Hottentots Holland Kennel Club

26 October 2014

1st place in OPEN class & RCC

Judge Mr JN Meyer (SA)

Kennel Association

28 February 2015

1st place in OPEN class & RCC

Judge Mrs J Sayers 

Uitenhage Kennel Club                

3 April 2015     1st place in OPEN class, RCC, RBOB Judge Mrs C Jarman

Hochland Dog Club    

25 July 2015 1st place in OPEN class, CC and RBOB Judge Mrs HC Gouws


PS:  Watch this space for more news and information on CH REDCOAT HUNTER`S RED SUMMER AT KARON OF ANDANDRE (IMP USA)!!!!!







Honey Bear

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