ANDANDRE VERMILION QUEEN aka Milli was born on 11 January 2014 in our home – purebred red from dam ANDANDRE SAVED BY THE BELL OF KARON AT ANDANDRE IMP US and sire NICABELL RED SUNRISE AT NYANJA.

Milli started to show great potential in the show ring from as  young as 4 months of age (see her achievements and photos below).

Vermillion is a small, square built, short back little girl with  jet black pigment, perfectly almond shaped eyes that can stare at you for long without blinking an eye – full of fire, intelligence and spark which reflects beautifully against her glowing red coat!  She has lots of underjaw, a long lean head and a face that was made for headhunters.  It does not stop here… … … Vermilion has a wonderful shaped  front and rear, tiny tight feet, and is always out at the end of her leash.  A tiny girl with a huge personality like a lion will sure be greeting all with a warm puppy kiss.

We at Andandre Kennels wish Vermilion all of the best for her show career that is officially starting in October 2014. 

Keep Andandre`s name high our little Princess.


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