We believe strongly in pure colour breeding, that is breeding only like colour to like colour or family of colours.  All our puppies are selectively bred with the greatest respect to the breed standard.

Our goal is breeding quality pure RED Toy Poodles which are not well known (seen) in South Africa.  Only a respected Toy breeder knows and breeds for all the special conformation features highly-sought for show breeding of Toy Poodles (such as ears shape and angles, head, eyes, jaw and teeth standards).  The body shape and aspect ratios are crucial, with fine points clear down to feet and toes.  These standards prove purity of breeding and genetics that indicate health and behaviour disposition of the Toy Poodle.

Our puppies are born in our home and raised with love, devotion and only the best are good enough for them!

We started to import from the very best USA breeders to start our RED breeding.  In the past 4 years, we have imported 3 females from various parts of USA.  ANDANDRE SCARLET ROUGE O`ROSALINE (USA) was our very first female from an all RED 5 generation pedigree with 13 American and Canadian Champions in her pedigree.

Our second female, ANDANDRE SAVED BY THE BELL OF KARON (USA) who’s Sire is from Australia with 25 American, Australian and Canadian Champions in her pedigree – all RED breeding.

Our latest addition to our home is ANDANDRE NIGHT ROUGE HEAT O`ROSALINE (USA). This girl has 23 Champions in her 5 generation pedigree from America, Norway, Sweden as well as International Champions.  This special girl is born hybrid (her Sire is pure red and Dam is black with all red breeding behind her).  A very special girl indeed!

In May 2014, Andandre Kennels imported another absolutely breathtaking and striking little boy from USA.  REDCOAT HUNTER`S RED SUMMER AT KARON OF ANDANDRE aka Honey Bear has settled in beautifully in no-time.  Honey Bear has started his show career within a few days after his arrival and achieved 2 CC points at the June  Championship show 2014.  Honey Bear is a perfect square built little boy.  Refined to the “T” with ink black pigment, beautifully almond shaped eyes full of fire and a ravishing red coat.  Honey Bear will sure turn heads where ever he goes!  This outstanding little boy has sired a litter of the most outstanding quality in red Toy Poodles and from here new red bloodlines will be created.  Honey Bear is PRA clear 0/0.  Watch this space for Honey Bear in action!

Our sires are:

CH NICABELL RED MELODY OF ANDANDRE born in South Africa from both Champion- and imported bloodlines with 4 Champions and 1 International Champion in his 3 generation pedigree as well as REDCOAT HUNTER`S RED SUMMER AT KARON OF ANDANDRE (IMP USA) aka Honey Bear, which is an complete NEW bloodline for Andandre`s red breeding.  Honey Bear is from the top Australian and American red lines and really one of his kind!

Feel free to scroll down and look at our precious, precocious and spoiled Toy Poodles.

Because we are a small breeding Kennel, we believe in QUALITY and not QUANTITY!  We do not have puppies all year around, but we will gladly place your details on our waiting list.  Who knows, sooner than later we might just have the perfect addition to your home and family!

Our main focus revolves around TRUE bred REDS, but we occasionally do have BROWN, BLACK and APRICOT puppies available to loving and approved homes!

Poodles are “Hypo-allergenic”.  This means that they do not shed coat and give allergies.  They are excellent pets for individuals (like myself) who suffer from allergies.  

Toy poodles are wide-a-wake watchdogs, but they do not bark unnecessarily!  Owning a Toy Poodle is also like having a puppy for the rest of your life!  Best of all, they are like chips, you can't just have one!

All our puppies are registered with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA), micro-chipped, wormed and vaccinated.   

Our puppies come with the following starter pack:   KUSA Pedigree, Vet booklet with up-to-date medical records and history, Micro-chip Certificate, Blanket, Toy, DVD, Chews and reading material on Toy Poodles which we have gathered over the past. Best of all, they come with loads & loads for love, ready for their new loving & caring homes!  

Our puppies are sold WITH BREEDING RESTRICTIONS as pets, unless prior arrangements and agreements were made and signed legally.

Should you need any further information or should you just have a question, please feel free to contact us!  We will gladly help, for Poodles are our life!  


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